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Benefits of Time Management

Time of your employees is the key factor of your business profits, and though most businesses managers have admited this point, only have the vaguest notion of how this resource is spent. Now with Time and Attendance software, you can gain below benefits:

  • Identify employees who are overworking or aren't working very hard
  • Identify employees who are unmotivated
  • See how environment variables in the work place effect aggregate productivty
  • Identify the web sites that your employees spend most time on, and block these web sites
  • Understand what applications and documents are actually being utilized by your employees, and prevent sensitive information leaking

If you have confidence for your employees with a high level of trust, Time and Attendance software, such as IMonitor EAM, also can help you being a method to encourage your employees. Using Time and Attendance " in the open ", employees can be clear to see Who has spent most time on current projects compared to average peer and why rewards should be distributed like this. Fair for your employees can maximize and encourage your employees' motivation. Workplace transparency like this are not only these advantages for the workplace, also include below :

  • Increased productivity. Virtually most employees feel that they have already put their focuses into work and spent nearly all their time into, but in fact, half of them are wrong. With Time and Attendance software, all working time will be clear to caculate. It's the equivelant of being able to see a credit card statement-- the truth of it is hard to ignore.
  • Good natured competitiveness. Using Time and Attendance software, it is easy to build the structure of reward and punish. Let your employees know company would be fair to each employee, which can motivate and encourage your employees.
  • Reduced resentment. Time and Attendace software provides much more detailed reports, which can reduce the disputes and resentment among your employees. As a result, employees who really work hard oftentimes get more respect than those that appears to work hard.

Fully compatible with Windows 2000 /XP /2003 Server /Vista /7

Window7 Certification vista Certification windowXP Certification

IMonitor EAM Professional Edition (From 5 PCs $499.95 to buy)

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