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Time and Attendance Report

Time efficiency and productivity are indispensable assets in any organization. That's why it is important to have a total control over your company and track irregularities or weaknesses which are leading to unproductive hours. As Time and Attendance software, like Imonitor EAM, providing sophiscated time tracking and attendance report also is one important aspect of such software. Report captured from Time and Attendance software is easily readable how much time an employee has spent on different activities. This time is divided in categories like: total active hours, overtime periods, total time spent online and other useful data. There are also reports which allow you to check how much time an application has been used by an employee.

By using Time and Attendance software like IMonitor EAM, it definitely gives you the comprehensive report to track the most efficient employees as well as details related to their tasks - see exactly what tasks took too much time to be completed by some of the workers. See below what Time and Attendance software can benefit you:

  • Total time employees spent during a working day
  • All activities employees spent on current projects
  • Employees overtime spent
  • Employees working start and leave time

Reports can be checked remotely through a console server interface. IMonitor EAM also support multiple format exporting such as Microsoft Excel, Html etc.

Fully compatible with Windows 2000 /XP /2003 Server /Vista /7

Window7 Certification vista Certification windowXP Certification

IMonitor EAM Professional Edition (From 5 PCs $499.95 to buy)

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