Frequently Asked Questions

Install IMonitor Software with Symantec EndPoint Protection

Please follow below instructions to install IMonitor software

  • 1. Log into the SEPM and click Policies.
  • 2. In the left pane, click Exceptions.
  • 3. Double Click New Exceptions Policy.
  • 4. Click the Add button to open a drop-down menu. Please choose Windows Exceptions > Know Risks .
  • 5. Add Spyware.EmployeeWatch and Spyware.IMonitorPCPro into the exception list.
  • 6. Click OK when finished adding exceptions. Click OK again to finish creating the policy.
  • 7. When prompted to assign the policy to a group, click YES. You can then choose the group you wish to assign the policy to and the policy changes will be sent out to members of the group.

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