Frequently Asked Questions

Install IMonitor Software with AVG Anti-Virus

Please follow below instructions to install IMonitor software,

  • Please open AVG Anti-Virus user interface
  • Double click ' Resident Shield ' in the Security components and status overview.
  • In the Resident Shield setting, uncheck the box of ' Resident Shield active ', and then click ' Save changes ' button
  • When you are done, please install IMonitor software with admin right.
  • After done IMonitor sfotware install, please click Tools --> Advanced settings... in the menu of AVG Anti-Virus.
  • Please click ' Excluded Items ' in the ' Resident Shield ' entry, and then click ' Edit list ' button. Please put below paths into ' Directory Exclud List ', PS. please copy without quote!
    • ' C:\Program Files\EAM Standard\* ' for EAM Standard Edition on the server
    • ' C:\Program Files\EAM Professional\* ' for EAM Professional Edition on the server
    • ' C:\Windows\System32\drivers\imonagent\* ' for EAM Client on the client pc
    • ' C:\Windows\System32\drivers\imon\* ' for IMonitor Power Keylogger 4.5 on the pc
    For example, if you have EAM Professional Edition, you need put this folder ' C:\Program Files\EAM Professional\* ' into exclusion on the server pc, and ' C:\Windows\System32\drivers\imonagent\* ' into exclusion on the client pc, if both server and client have antivirus software.
  • When you done, please click ' Apply ' button to take effect. Excluded list will be like below.
  • Finally re-active Resident Shield of AVG Anti-Virus.

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