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End point security

IMonitor end point security - ensure file security

Monitor removable device

Many people who are out of job admitted to steal confidential company information with them either on DVD or using USB drives. The devices such as iPods, USB devices, Smart Phones and more, has dramatically increased the risk of intentional and unintentional data leaks and other malicious activity.

Although a lot of companies have anti-virus software, email and web content security to protect external threats, few realize that it is so easy for an employee to simply copy large amounts of important data onto an removable disk. There is also an increased risk of malicious and other illegal software introduction to your network through these devices. Of course your administrator could lock down all ports, an ill-advised, difficult and unsustainable solution.

Prevent Data Theft and Virus Infection

An army of companies are unware of the threat presented by removable devices in their network environment until something, ranging from unfortunate to catastrophic, happens.

The key to managing portable devices in your business environment is to give your administrators direct control over what devices are in use on your network. With IMonitor end point security you not only gain control over what is in use but you also know what has been used and by who, and most importantly you gain in-depth knowledge of what data has been copied.

IMonitor end point security allows administrators to actively manage user access and log the activity of:

  • Media players devices
  • Removable devices
  • Network cards, laptops and other network connections

To control access, IMonitor end point security installs a small footprint agent on your user's computer. This agent is only 1.2 MB in size, your user will never know it is there. IMonitor end point security includes a remote deployment tool, allowing you to deploy the agent to hundreds of machines with just a few clicks. After installation, the agent queries Active Directory when the user logs on and sets permissions to the different nodes accordingly. If the user is not a member of a group that allows access to a particular device or set of devices, then access is blocked.

IMonitor end point security main features include:

IMonitor end point security is the file security software for company

Control User Access and restrict the use of removable device
IMonitor end point security can centrally disable access to any portable device, preventing both data theft and the introduction of data or software that could be harmful to your network. Although you could block portable storage devices such as CDs and floppy drives from the BIOS of the individual machine, the solution is cumbersome and impractical at times of software or network upgrades. For example, a desired new software or device install would require the Network Administrator to physically visit each machine, temporarily disable protection, perform the install and then re-enable protection; and, any sophisticated user can hack the BIOS circumventing the security measure altogether. IMonitor end point security allows you to take control over your environment and the access of a wide variety of devices including:

  • Floppy disks, CDs and DVD ROMs, iPods, Storage devices
  • Printers, PDAs, Network adapters
  • Modems, Imaging devices

Other Features:

  • List devices that have been used or are using currently
  • View user activity and device usage logs through a backend database
  • Maintenance function that allows you to delete information that is older than a certain number of days
  • Password protected agents to avoid tampering
  • Set up custom popup messages for users when they are blocked from using a device

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