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Computer monitoring program

Computer monitoring program can monitor all computer activity.

Sep 8, 2009

Employee monitoring softwareComputer monitoring program - IMonitor EAM is the trustworthy PC/Internet monitoring software that helps to secure your business and improve work efficiency. IMonitor EAM is feature-rich, easy and powerful. It is made for employee monitoring and computer monitoring.

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Computer monitoring program for computer monitoring will enable you:

  • Determine electronic addresses to which the unauthorized transfer of certain information has been made
  • Recover the information lost because of a power breakdown
  • Enforce corporate security policy and Internet acceptable use policy
  • Detect leaking of confidential or proprietary information
  • Locate the attempts of unauthorized access to sensitive information with the exact time and workplace these attempts originate from
  • Identify all cases of typing in critical words or word combinations on the keyboard, making up critical documents which contain sensitive information
  • Collect the proofs to support accusations of wrongdoing
  • Identify the cases of unauthorized software installation
  • Reveal the facts and purpose of PC usage during non-working hours

Comparing to hundreds of other monitoring tools, Computer monitoring program give you the following advantages:

No language barriers

Computer monitoring program supports unicode in full. This means that it is able to record text written in any language including CJK group (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). This feature makes computer monitoring program suitable for worldwide distribution.

Security & Protection

Computer monitoring program represents a new generation of monitoring products which work on the system kernel level - they are hidden as deeply as never before. It means that special anti-monitoring tools can't detect and remove our products. Computer monitoring program is invisibile to firewalls and completely hidden from the operating system and the user whose activity is being monitored.

Comprehensive and easy-to-use reports

Just imagine - you (or other person who uses your computer) opens documents, reads or writes e-mails, types or pastes from the clipboard, etc. - everything is being silently captured to a log file. All the events have timestamps - it allows you to recover the full sequence of actions in strict chronological order, which makes data from the log file very easy to analyze.
computer monitoring program

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computer monitoring program