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IMonitor EAM record email including yahoo mail and hotmail.

IMonitor EAM is a utility to automatically record MSN, yahoo messenger, ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger conversations. Conversations can be conveniently browsed by date/time. Additionally, it can block Instant Messagers from specified users.

While IMonitor EAM is a boon to businesses, it also presents unique challenges and problems. Employee transmitted e-mails can ultimately pose a risk for employers, especially for those who find themselves in court.

As a preventive measure, employers should implement an e-mail policy that addresses the company's electronic mail systems and those employees who create, send or receive messages.

With EAM, you can remind employees of their individual responsibilities; and emphasize that everyone is expected to be careful when sending messages using company-owned electronic equipment. Your policy should also include consequences for policy violations.

While no policy will cure or prevent all employee missteps, a well-developed and well-communicated e-mail policy will help employees understand their roles and responsibilities. As many e-mailers sooner or later learn, when that ''Send'' button is hit-especially in hasty or careless moments-messages can have repercussions. Some are more serious than others and can cause liability issues for the employer. E-mails can even be deemed relevant to a lawsuit or an investigation.

IMontor EAM record email:

How will an e-mail policy help an employer? To answer that, we have to keep in mind that anything your employees share in an e-mail (electronic) format is ''discoverable,'' meaning that information can be part of a legal proceeding for gathering evidence in a lawsuit. And, in some cases, employers have legal rights to review or monitor employee e-mails.

Also, a policy can help employees who may be misguided. They may believe that work e-mail privacy rights are almost ''inherited'' or guaranteed. This is a mistaken conclusion and may possibly stem from assuming that e-mail privacy rights for employees fall under the same regulations and laws that apply to the U.S. Postal Service, which is not the case.

What, then, should be included in an e-mail policy? First of all, a company policy should reference, in addition to e-mail systems, all removable devices, such as those used for texting, faxing and voice mail-anything that is company property. For this reason, and other risk management concerns, employers should have a comprehensive electronic communications policy in place.

As a final note, employers should also provide employees with a policy acknowledgement form or agreement. This document will contain verbiage stating that the employee has read and understands the company's policy. Once the employee has read, signed and dated the acknowledgement, employers should give the employee a copy for his or her records, as well.


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