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Prevent "insider" theft

IMonitor EAM drive insider theft away.

Is your company's confidential documents secure?

Do you know any one with malicious intention is going away, and taking those confidential documents in their pockets?

Everyone needs money. They need it to live, to support their family, to buy a more capacious house and a pretty car. Everybody has a great weight of work pressure in this society. As a manager, maybe you think all the employees in your company are qualified in personality. But you can never be that sure in some specific conditon, people may do something out of mind and of course you do not know how and when.

If your enterprise is a design company, have you ever thought of the products which were designed for several years may be stolen? Probably you even do not have the copyright.

If your enterprise is engaging in marketing, have you ever thought of the information of your clients will be copied away just by a common salesman?

If your enterprise is a technology development company, a new technology is finally mature. While it was stolen and logined by others, now if you use it, you will be the thief.

IMonitor EAM will help you manage those confidential file, and you just need to sit by the sever computer, with one cigarette clamped between your fingers, with one eye staring at the screen.

What can IMonitor EAM do to prevent insider theft?

Log communication tools: Monitor and log all chat conversations for instant messengers such as AOL, ICQ, MSN, AIM and so on, and view them in real time. In this way, some secret conversation about your company will be detected. Then we can stop it before something happens.

Monitor email and file transfer: Record incoming and outgoing emails. Record all file transfered through removable device such as USB stick, MMC/SD Card, CD/DVD, and so on.

IMonitor EAM will record the file no matter the file is copied or cut away, so it is impossible to loss your company's confidential documents.


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