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IMonitor EAM can block unwanted website as you set

Many companies are dedicated to improve the employees' working efficiency in this competitive new era. Are you still confused how to prevent employee visited harmful webpages and cut down internet attacks, low down internet traffic, viral content and more? Most employees are always curious some pop up windows which are often dangerous and harmful. Website block, another key feature of EAM Products Series, is just designed for such case. Website block can not only according to you requires to block specific websites also provide sensetive words detecting function which make website block more intelligent. Please give our EAM Products recommended by most software download websites adminstrators a try.

The function of blocking website can deal with many issues involved with internet accessing, like full address of website block, sensitive words of website block, etc.

Restricted to visit some websites or only visit some permitted websites which you think they are safe. What you have to do is just raise your fingers and input the URLs which you don't want anyone to visit. For example if you want to block the, you just need to input the and choose block and effective time. Then click OK.

Can the IMonitor EAM restrict employees access the websites of stock, lottery and game? Ok, no problem. Adding the websites into it, then you will find that every website contain stock is being blocked, nobody can speculate in the stock market during the work time.

It can not only block websites but also block browsers like Maxthon, Firefox, even IE.

But will a web filter satisfy your various demands for employee internet management? NO! The IMonitor EAM with its powerful functions would be your best assistant. Blocking website is just one of these.

IMonitor EAM employee monitoring software can close Web browsers that are displaying undesirable Web sites. Its website filter feature can be used for several purposes:

With porn easily accessible over Internet, corporates are increasingly getting concerned over how their employees, respectively, are spending 'quality' time.

A number of pornographic sites that spread Internet and a system crash is often the end result as employees go on a pleasure-seeking spree on the Web. Corporates have found that employees surf the Internet for pornographic content not only during break time but also at work time.

IMonitor EAM can block porn websites on the internet easily! Its special intelligent filtering feature blocks porn websites on the Internet.

Are your office employees busy in playing games and getting off from their task in the office? IMonitor EAM can give you a solution.

IMonitor EAM will capture the name of the person who run the game program, when the game program starts and how long the game program was running. It also can find out and block game program even though some employees rename the game program.

IMonitor EAM employee monitoring software is indeed a good way to prevent abuse of company computer and improve the productivity of employees.

Because IMonitor EAM is embedded into windows operation system, so None can stop filtering, except logining into IMonitor EAM Server to change settings by passwords.

IMonitor EAM can block porn easily and effectively! Block all porn and game websites now!


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