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Tracking employees' work time and analysing how much time they have spent on each application.

IMonitor EAM is an advanced employees' work time tracking software

Time tracking of IMonitor EAM is another more important function which can assit you easy and quick to know what your employees are doing at specific time point and how much time they have done with what application. IMonitor EAM is not different with most other employee monitoring products in the market, IMonitor EAM not only puts every customers considered functions in important position, also providing more convenient assitant tools which making EAM Product more rich of features and easy to extend. Time tracking is just one of them, with time tracking function, analysing clients logs would be easy than ever.

Four features of IMonitor EAM when tracking employees' work time:

Ease: There is no need for attended operation on the sever computer. All process is finished automatically. Users just need to click to open it and see how much time employees spend on each application.

Accuracy: Time is recorded exactly. Time entries are clearly identified and easily modified with clear indication and optional correction of any time gaps or overlaps. Reports include every minute recorded.

Flexibility: According to diffrerent users, we can adjust and set IMonitor EAM to meet their needs. Some employers want to monitor every employee to evaluate their work efficiency and reward outstanding ones. Some employers just want to spy those lazy employees and warn them. So we can choose to monitor which computer flexibly.

Understandability: The record of each application's using time will display in diagram.

Let's cite an example, if in four hours work time, a website designer spends half an hour on chatting with others, half an hour on games, one hour on browsing some unrelated websites, only two hours on applications for website design. Then this employee should be fired!

IMonitor EAM is perfect for both team and individual use including:

IMonitor EAM monitors all computer activity and Internet use. It can automatically record website address you visit, and calculate your work time on each application.

Time Management: Record and calculate how much time you or your team spend on a specific application, such as Word, Photoshop, Dream weaver, JBuilder and so on.

Employee and Project Management: Monitor employee daily computer activities and ask those who are overdoing the personal use back into line immediately. Find out who are the most productive employees, and who are the busy or lazy guys in your company. Estimate project time, calculate the project cost, control work time and analyze work process.


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