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Network File Monitor Solutions

IMonitor EAM provides affordable and resonable network solutions

Are you much worried about sensitive business information being leaked to your rivals? According the latest survey showing, more dissatisfied employees tend to take revenge their organization by leaking business information to outside!

Is it possible to monitor network file activities and prevent these illegal behaviors in advance?

YES, definitely you can tackle with these bored issues easily. IMonitor EAM is just developed for this target.

IMonitor EAM feature to monitor all network files actions including each file that is opened, created, modified, or deleted. The full file path along with the user that performed the actions and at the time the action occurred is monitored and logged. With IMonitor EAM real time monitoring network file, you will be easy to see if sensitive files are being modified, copied and moved.

Undetectable Centralized Monitoring

IMonitor EAM is running in fully stealth mode when monitoring network files. All networks monitoring process is absolutely undetectable, leaving no log trails or traces on the monitored computer.

Comprehensive Network Monitor Report

In addition to monitoring and logging network file actions, IMonitor EAM can generate a comprehensive network file actions report which will be convenient for network administrator to track which file being accessed and analyze what have been modified about sensitive files.

Powerful Compatibility with All Kinds of Network Environments

Different network monitor environments has a high compatible requirement level for network monitor software. IMonitor EAM currently works perfectly and smoothly with all popular office network operating system. Tracking network file actions will be more easy and stable with IMonitor EAM.

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