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Best Internet Usages Monitoring Way

Internet usage monitoring is becoming more and more routine in the world. No matter you need monitor internet usage at home or Monitor web usage at business.

Being smart employers, realizing the importance of internet monitoring and know how to track employee internet usage are very needed. However, from a wide range of software to monitor Internet usage available on the market today, it is rather hard to choose the best one especially if you are a newbie in this field.

As well being parents, it is necessary to monitor internet usage of your kids to ensure your kids in safety of internet surfing. To protect your children, choosing the right tools which can monitor internet usage at home, for most parents, it is also being a tough task.

However, IMonitor EAM ( for business users ) and IMonitor Power Keylogger (for home users ) provide one easy way to deal with this issue, completely give still confused users a relief breath. These software can allow you use local network server or local pc to real-time monitor internet usages. IMonitor EAM and Power Keylogger not only help you track website address visited, web page title, but also can monitor other internet usages such as online chat conversation, ftp usage and email sent and received. In addition, IMonitor EAM and Power Keylogger can implement computer usage monitoring and become a time tracker. To monitor computer usage, IMonitor EAM and Power Keylogger record all computer activities on each computer and collect the time information on each software application. Below are the benefit from internet usages monitoring software

How Internet Usages Monitoring software Works

According difference of users, business and home users, internet usages monitoring software divide into remote internet usages monitor and local internet usage monitor, such as IMonitor EAM for business users and Power Keylogger for home users.

For business network, each client pc user accesses any website, download filesor images and chat online, all these internet activites are logged. IMonitor EAM can process these logs into a comprehensive report with clear visual charts, and then report will be sent to IMonitor EAM server with high level encrypted protocol. Adminstrator can review each client pc user internet usages.

For home internet usages monitoring, all internet usages monitor logs will be saved in local pc, and home users can review these internet activities logs at local computer or remote review logs sent to your pre-setting email account.


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