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Increase Employee Productivity by Reducing Frivolous and Inappropriate Activity

IMonitor EAM enhances work efficiency and employee productivity

Do you want to enhance the employee productivity in your company? Have you ever calculated that if your employees work more and play less, it couldn't be better to your company? Of course the answer is YES.

As a boss, the first and foremost thing is to creat more and more profits, at the same time develop the potentials to open up a new era for your company. However, who can help you to solve this problem? Is there any royal road for you? Don't worry about this. IMonitor EAM (Employee Monitoring Software) can makes informed choice .

As we know that every company have their own computer resources. And one can never want to survive if he disengage from Internet . But have you ever think about that Internet have two aspects, just like a sword. One can benifit from it, and at the same time, wreck by it involuntarily. In a company, it is very common to see that the employees addict to frivolous and inappropriate activities. Such as chatting online, or using anonymous email services like Hotmail, Yahoo mail and Gmail, and spending time on shopping sites, sports sites or adult sites.

IMonitor EAM (Corporate Monitoring Software), including a Time Tracker module, it can help your company to analyse what application your employees used and how much time they spend on the application, it has the following features:

Firstly, it can stores 6 months detailed records of used applications of all users in your company. So, even if you have a long business trip abroad or can not work in company provisionally, you also can monitor it whenever you want .Because its well designed software that allows you to audit and log all the documents, analyse and monitor all computer run from one centralized location.

Secondly, It can help you to find which user spend more time on web, IM, game or other unwanted application. For example, in a big company, there are more than 100 employees, if 50 percent of the employee spend half an hour on chatting online, or searching on Google, Yahoo and MSN for prolonging their mealtime, which constitutes 25 hours a day, and 125 hours a week waste virtually.

Thirdly,it can reduce the employees' personal purposes, and at the same time increase the efficiency of employees. With IMonitor EAM (Keylogger and spy software), you can plan the amount of time and human resources more precisely .

Last but not the least,Monitor EAM Standard Edition (Employee Activity Monitor) offers control over use of applications (MS Office, games, instant messengers) and sessions of the user in the operating system (log in\log out). Thus, it is not only employee's activity in applications that can be analyzed but also their attendance. From these practical scheme,increase employees prodcuctivity is no longer a conundrum.

Employee Activity Monitor is the best wale for your business!


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