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Present society, computers have been used for everything in common life from banking and inverting to shopping and communicating with others through email or chat programs. Accompanying with that, one new term – computer security, has come into our sights. Unlike the past, most business and home users have put ‘Computer Security ‘in the much serious position.

Maybe most time, computer users consider their computer and internet activities not being much confidential, still NO ONE wants strangers or some else using their computers. The reason is simple, if others used your computers; you have no any idea about what have done with your computer. Probably he/she will attack other computer, sending forged email from your computer and copy your private information stored on your computer. It sounds terrible, doesn’t it? All these are relevant with computer security. So make sure your computer be in safe or understand what has been done about your computer, that is really important at now.

IMonitor Company, according to different requirements of customers, provides business and home computer security solutions.

IMonitor EAM – business computer security software—mainly targets to business customers. It focuses on the office computer security environment such as computer local network and internet activities including all touched keys logged, accessed website recorded, file managed actions, blocking specific URL and emails monitored. IMonitor EAM can let employer fully control current office computer security and avoid any potential threats.

IMonitor Power Keylogger – home computer security software – developed for home computer users. Unlike IMonitor EAM, Power keylogger more put emphasis on standalone computer, and according to home computer security requirements, much more optimized keylogger, website accessed and URL blocking functions.

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