Protect your business with iMonitor EAM The most complete employee computer activities monitoring software

Block unuseful applications and websites to keep employees from playing games,online shoppings and so on in work time.

IMonitor EAM stops emploeyees lazing and enhance work efficiency

IMonitor EAM blocks applications:

IMonitor EAM blocks websites:

IMonitor EAM stops employee playing games:

When they are not busy, employees seldom think about how to inhance their work efficiency, and never learn something new and useful to fullfill their mind. Instead they choose to play to kill the time. Once they play, IMonitor EAM will find it and block it.

IMonitor EAM prohibits online shopping:

Some female employees like shopping, however they are not allowed to leave during work time. When their boss is absent, they do shopping online. IMonitor EAM can block these online shoping websites such as ebay, planetonline, Indiatimes, Amazon, Yahoo, shop smart, clubshop and so on.

IMonitor EAM is a monitoring software, a stealth monitoring tool for employee performance and employee management, which can automatically captures screenshots of entire desktop or active windows at set intervals like a stealthy camera.

In all, IMonitor EAM can purify work enviroment. If too many employees in a company just chat with each other, play online games and do shopping online. Then everybody will be misled to idle. The company's performance is doomed to fall.

Purify work enviroment, choose IMonitor EAM !


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