IMonitor Software

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Command - Hardware & Software

Hardware & Software

List All Hardware: List all devices of the selected remote computer.

List Primary Hardware: List the primary devices of the selected computer, such as main board, harddisk, processors, etc.

Search Hardware: Search computer by device information.

List Installed Software: List all installed softwares of the selected computer.

List Installed Hotfix: List all installed windows hotfix of the selected computer.

Uninstall Software: Uninstall the selected software(s).

Software Alteration: List software alteration (installed and uninstalled) record of the selected computer.

OS Information: Get operating system information of the selected computer.

Search Software: Search computers by software name or OS type.


Removable Device

Disable device: Disable removable device and CD/DVD ROM.

Enable device: Enable removable device and CD/DVD ROM.

Get Device Status: Get the information about removable device and CD/DVD ROM of the remote computer.