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Command - Agent Management

Agent Management

Add Computer: Add a new computer to the computer list.

Modify Property: Modify the selected agent's information.

Remove Computer: Remove the selected agent(s).

Move To: Move a computer to another department.

Install Agent: Install IMonitor EAM agent program to remote computer. Enter user name and password of the selected computer, the user must be a member of administrator group of the remote computer.

Upgrade Agent: Upgrade the agent version to a newer one.

Uninstall Agent: Uninstall IMonitor EAM agent from the selected computer(s) remotely, the selected computer(s) have to reboot itself to complete uninstallation.

Get Agent Version: Open the directory of the agent program file.

Log Synchronization: Synchronize the recorded file with remote computer.

Refresh Agents List: Reload all departments and all agents from database.


Department Manage

Add Department: Add a new department.

Delete Department: Delete the selected department(s), if the selected department(s) is not empty, please displace agent(s) in the selected department(s) to another department at first..

Modify Department: Modify the selected department's name.


TCP/IP Property

View Property: View TCP/IP property of the selected agent's.

Modify Property: See Modify TCP/IP property of remote computer.

Scan Network

Multi-network Setting: Enter all subnet's start IP address and end IP address.

Scan Entire Network: You must do the previous step ('Multi-network Setting') at first.

Scan IP Sector: Scan a subnet or a part of subnet.