IMonitor Software

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IMonitor EAM main features include:

1 Works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly.

1 Stores logs on centralized database on server computer.

1 Monitor and control multi-computer with one click.

1 Log file operations on employee's computer, such as copy, delete, create, rename, open, copy file to removable disk, etc.

1 Log print jobs, such as printer name, document name, computer name, user name, pages printed, paper size, etc, allows you to audit printer usage later.

1 Send alarm to console computer when employee do a file operation on removable disk, add or remove a removable disk, open an unwanted website, send or receive mail, transfer file with FTP protocol, etc.

1 Record mail sent and received, FTP file uploaded and downloaded history on all network computers.

1 Record outgoing webmail (Hot mail, AOL mail, Yahoo mail).

1 Record typed keystrokes by users on all network computer.

1 Record IM software chats by users on all network computer, support MSN, ICQ, QQ, AOL and yahoo messenger.

1 See live screenshots of multi network computers and take a control of a remote computer by controlling it's mouse and keyboard.

1 Record software using history.

1 View a list of top programs used for each computer and user in whole network in real time.

1 Control computers remotely: shut down, restart, send instant message, send remote command to users you are monitoring.

1 Upload files from remote computers or download files to remote computers.

1 Manage corporation computer capital (hardware and software), log the alteration of hardware and software.

1 Monitor and control websites accessing, filter unwanted websites.

1 View all running processes and kill any of them, customize process running rule,

1 View network protocol and port of running processes, customize network accessing rule.

1 Browse file directory of remote computer, delete, copy, paste file and create new directory on remote computer, transfer file remotely between remote computer and local computer.

1 Export data list to Excel, HTML format.

1 Easy to setup and use.

1 Only users in administrator's group can control remote computers and modify settings.

1 IMonitor EAM works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003.