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I got a message "License  error" When I started EAM server. What should i do?

If you do some changes with the main hardware and/or windows system, you will get this license error, and the EAM server program will stop working.

To fix it you can restart the server computer to check again. And if there still have this error, please contact our support team.

Can iMonitor EAM work correctly with VPN network?

Yes, iMonitor EAM can work correctly with VPN network.

Can your iMonitorSoft read our computer activity logs? What about the privacy?

No. All captured logs are saved in centralized database on your server computer; iMonitor software won't send anything to us. Please refer to our privacy policy for additional details.

I tried to reinstall iMonitor EAM Agent, but it showed sharing violation error messages. What should i do?

It means that iMonitor EAM Agent is running now. Please try to uninstall it firstly, restart computer and then run installation again.

Can I install EAM client program remotely on all the clients at one time?

Install EAM agent on Employee's PC remotely

Does the EAM software work under VPN network?

Yes, EAM software is proved working perfectly over VPN network.

Can iMonitor EAM monitor client computers via the Internet?

Yes, If your EAM server computer use public Internet IP address, it is very easy, you only need to input the server IP address while installing the agent program.

If you do not have a public Internet IP address and you want to monitor computers on the Internet (for example oversea client computers), you can use our cloud employee monitoring solution iMonitor 365.

What‘'s the default user name and password for EAM?

The default user name and password for EAM is 'admin' and '000'.