Install Agent on Mac OS PC

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1. Install The Mac Agent on employee's Mac PC

1.1. Click Home -> Install Agent -> Agent for Mac OS, you will get the Agent installer file "imonitor-mac-agent.pkg"

1.2. Go to the remote computer that you want to monitor.

1.3. Transfer "imonitor-mac-agent.pkg" to  this computer and run it, then click "Continue" to go on.

1.4.Click "Install" to install the agent program.

1.5. Input your password to continue the installation.

1.6. Then click "Continue Installation".

1.7. Click "Restart" to finish the installation.

2. Connect to iMonitor EAM Server

After computer restart, the settings window will pop up, tick "iMonitor EAM setup", input the IP address of the server computer, click "Install & Run".

3. After this step, please restart the Mac PC once again to complete the installation.