Command - Firewall


Network Status

  • Process Net Status: View process net status, show process name, process ID, protocol, local address and foreign address.
  • Add To Blocking List:  Add the selected process to blocking process list, you must do 'Process Net Status'  at first.
  • Incoming And Outgoing: Query the incoming and outgoing network data byte during all motoring time of selected remote computers.

Firewall Rule

  • Add Rule: Add a new net blocking rule (process name or port number) to firewall rule list.
  • Delete Rule: Delete the selected rule(s) from firewall rule list, you must do 'View Rule List' at first.
  • View Rule List: View all existing firewall rules.
  • Apply To Agent: Apply the selected firewall rule(s) to selected agent(s), you must do 'View Rule List' at first.
  • Get Agent Status: Query remote computer's rule status.


  • Stop Filter: Stop the applied firewall rules, the rules will stop working.
  • Run Filter: Run the applied firewall rules, the rules will start working.
  • Delete Rule On Agent: Delete all applied rule.

Network Control

  • Lock Agent Network: Block all network communications between the selected remote computer with all other computer.
  • Unlock Agent Network: Cancel 'Lock Agent Network' command.

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