Sales FAQ

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What license size should I buy?

The license size is based on the number of computers you are going to monitor, i.e. the number of computers where you install Agent in your organization. You will not be able to monitor more computers than the license size you purchase. For example if you want to monitor 25 computers, you need to purchase the '25 computers license', and if you want to monitor 28 computers, you need to purchase a 'base 25 computers license' and 3 'extra licenses'.

Can I have the software with CD-Rom package?

Sorry,but currently we only provide our software via Internet download, if you buy our software from our resellers, you can ask CD-Rom package from them.

Will I get technical support after my purchasing?

Yes,of course.As a registered user you get high priority product life time free technical support via email. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding our products.

What's the requirement of being your reseller? Will the same support be provided?

If you want to become our reseller, the process is very simple, before your clients purchase, please firstly send us your client information such as company name, email address, website, telephone number and contact person name, etc, and after your clients place orders, we can check the information with what you have provided, if matched, we will pay back you the money (30% of the order). As to additional benefits for our resellers, depending what your sales results, if you can sell our products more each month, we will have a contract with and give you more reseller discount, that means more selling, and more money you will get. Please send your company details like company name, address, telephone, contact person and website, to me, before we have contract with you!Please READ CAREFULLY THIS, WE WILL NOT REFUND OUR PRODUCTS WHICH CUSTOMERS BOUGHT FROM RESELLERS, IF YOU HAVE ANY REFUND ISSUE, PLEASE CONTACT YOUR RESELLERS!

I don't want to pay via Credit Card or Paypal , is there any other way I can place the order?

You can buy our software via wire transfer, Please see the instructions below, 1. Click the purchase link of our website 2. In the pop up web page, please change the option of ‘ Method of payment ‘ into ‘ Wire Transfer ‘ at the bottom of the page.

How can I pay the order and where to input coupon code during online purchase?

We recommend Credit Card because it is easy and fast. No much delay of receiving your payment, and we will process your order more quickly. However customers also can pay via Wire Transfer if Credit Card is not available for you. Please click here to see the payment tutorials.

Can I move EAM licenses to other client computers?

Yes, you can do like this, although this will be very troublesome for you. If your company's budget is enough, we suggest you to buy the licenses for all computers which you want to monitor.

Is still there any hidden fees after my purchasing?

There is only one flat fee that you pay once and own the license for the product forever, and we provide one year free version upgrades and Tech supports.

Will any version upgrades be provided?

We work on improving our software constantly. Product updates and fixes are available quite often. Registered users get all version upgrades for free during 1 year since purchase, and 50% discounts of the original price after 1 year free upgrades. We will email you upgrade information as soon as next version is released.

Why can't I purchase your products online ? How should I do?

If you can't buy our software online, PLEASE CONTACT US IMMIDIATELY VIA EMAIL ( We will provide you alternative purchase links or methods at once.

Can I just buy one license of EAM software? And Is there any limit about the purchase number?

Since our EAM software is designed for business company, currently we do not sell single license and minimal number of license can be bought is 3 licenses.