Install EAM agent on Employee's PC directly

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1. Please add EAM Agent folder "C:\windows\system\sys\syscon" and main program file path "C:\Windows\system\sys\syscon\mssys.exe" and "C:\Windows\system\sys\syscon\mskes.exe"  into the exclusion list of the antivirus.

2. Disable antivirus.

3. Click Home -> Install Agent -> Locate Agent Installer File, you will get the Agent installer file "AgentInstall.exe".

4. Go to the remote computer that you want to monitor.

5. Make sure this computer is connected to network and TCP/IP   protocol is installed properly.

6. Transfer "AgentInstall.exe" to  this computer and run it.

7. Read the license agreement. If you accept the terms of  agreement, tick "I accept the agreement".

8. Input server computer's IP address (server  computer is the computer on which  iMonitor EAM server program  has been installed)

9. Click ‘next’ to install the Agent program.

10. Enable anti-virus.