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iMonitor Software Inc.

Address: 501 N. Hidalgo Avenue, Alhambra, CA 91801, United States


Skype: en.imonitorsoft

Phone Number: (US: +1 626 999 4601)  (UK: +44 20 8123 3062)  (HK: +852 8192 9712)

Need Remote Desktop Support?

Trial user and registered user:

If you have problems with the installation of our iMonitor EAM, you can contact us to help you via Teamviewer, no extra fees, whether you are a registered user or a trial user.

Free & safe Third-party Remote Desktop Tool:

Please download the Zero-Config Remote Desktop Software 'Teamviewer' and tell us your ID and password, and arrange a time with our support team, then our support team will connect to your computer and help you to check your issues about our iMonitor EAM or install the EAM software for you. Free download link:


1. Install 'Teamviewer' on your server computer(the computer you want to install EAM server program).

2. Prepare a client computer (a computer you want to monitor, EAM agent program will be installed on the computer.).

3. Make sure you can connect to the client computer from your server computer via Windows Remote Desktop(MSTSC)(This will help us to complete the work in a fastest time).

4. Contact us via online chat, email, or phone.